South Pars Refinery

South Pars Gas Refineries is a collection of 14 gas refineries that have been created to refine natural gas from the South Pars gas field. These refineries are located around the cities of Assaluyeh, Kangan and Tonbak.

This complex consists of 24 phases, which has been started under the title of South Pars Development Plan since October 1997 (the beginning of the development plan.

  • Pars Region 1 (South Pars): 8 of these refineries (including 16 phases and from west to east of the third, fourth, first, second, eighth, fifth, seventh and sixth refineries, respectively) in this area, with an area of ​​14,000 hectares, next to each other and in two Km of the Persian Gulf coast are located in the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone in Assaluyeh port (located in Bushehr province and 270 km east of Bushehr).

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