About Us

Bastiran was founded in 1990 . This company produces more than 400 types of metal fasteners and holders from various materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy, etc. with polyethylene pads and PVC, neoprene, insulation and resistant coatings. Equal to heat and electricity. The dimensions of the company’s products vary from 6 to 3000 mm and therefore have a diverse range of consumption in light and heavy industries, including refineries, petrochemicals, installations for water and gas pipes and even power and telecommunication cables. Relying on specialized and experienced manpower as the main asset of the company, designing and molding and producing various specialized supports that can be used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, including sliding supports related to very cold lines (COLD LINE), very lines HOT LINE and SPRIN HANGER are in competition with similar foreign companies with great importance to the quality control of their products.

This company has been indirectly working with foreign companies such as Total France and Korea Hyundai since 1997 to manufacture various types of metal and polymer supports and holders for the phases of 13-16 / 15-18 / 17-17 and 22/22 with employers and contractors. Iranians, including South Pars Oil and Gas, cooperate and continue to do so.

To improve and complete its value chain, Bastiran Company has updated the company’s infrastructure (general management, finance and accounting, quality control management and IT infrastructure) and human resource management (training, growth, employee retention, staff salaries). In the field of technology development, it has focused on process automation and design optimization by creating research and development departments. In addition, by holding the BSC (Balanced Scorecard) course, this tool is being implemented in the company. Also, with the group cooperation of employees, the goals of the company’s vision have been explained and its four aspects (financial aspect, customer aspect, internal processes aspect, business and growth and learning aspect) have been considered.

After participating in the South Pars gas development projects, we can boldly say that in all ongoing phases, with the trust of this company, the connection of all foreign companies in this sector has been completely cut off and Bastiran Company has been the only domestic producer in this field. It will be composed.

Before cooperating directly with South Pars Company, this company had a potential capacity of about 2400 tons of metal and 100 tons of polymer in the field of production of various metal fasteners in relation to construction, installation and industrial works, and in this regard, the need Has provided the market, in addition, since 2008 with the support of Pars Oil and Gas Company has been able to increase its annual production capacity to 8000 tons and to the point that it competes with foreign companies in this field and claims only production Provides industrial support in the Middle East.

The current strength of the company has significantly improved compared to 10 years ago. Bastiran Parallel Company, by increasing production and manufacturing, has also upgraded its engineering and management departments and has progressed according to modern knowledge and offers products that can compete with foreign companies.

After entering South Pars projects, after leaving out foreign competitors in the field of support and specialized clamps and meeting the total needs of related industries by increasing its production capacity, Bastiran Company has been able for the first time in the country to produce thermal and refrigeration insulation technology. From a polymer family called Elastomer, etc.