Bastiran Company was established in 1990. This company produces more than 400 types of metal fasteners and holders from various materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy, etc. with polyethylene pads and PVC, neoprene, insulation and resistant coatings. Equal to heat and electricity. The dimensions of the company’s products vary from 6 to 3000 mm and therefore have a diverse range of consumption in light and heavy industries, including refineries, petrochemicals, installations for water and gas pipes and even power and telecommunication cables.


experienced people

Specialized and experienced personnel


Industry leader

Only manufacturer of thermal and refrigeration insulation


Years of experience

Thirty years of brilliant history


International exchanges

Cooperation with reputable foreign companies

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Industry leader

After entering South Pars projects, after leaving out foreign competitors in the field of support and specialized clamps and meeting the total needs of related industries by increasing its production capacity, Bastiran Company has been able for the first time in the country to produce thermal and refrigeration insulation technology. From a polymer family called Elastomer, etc.


Thirty years of experience

More than two decades of experience! So far, the company’s ability has significantly improved compared to ten years ago.


Metal fasteners and holders

Manufacturer of more than four hundred types of metal fasteners and holders from various materials such as iron, copper, aluminum and …