Product Name: Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamp (Sprinkler hangers)

Product Code: BS-29


Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamps (Sprinkler hangers) can be produced from fabric galvanized sheets, different stainless steel sheets, Iron sheets, etc. with different kinds of electrostatic paint coatings, cold & hot galvanized coatings, etc. Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamps (Sprinkler hangers) can be provided without any covers or with insulator PVC and EPDM covers. EPDM cover is a thermal & cryogenic, sound and anti-UV insulator. Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamps (Sprinkler hangers) are specialized for installing firefighting pipes and using in firefighting and fire suppression systems. In addition, Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamps (Sprinkler hangers) are suitable for hanging downward installing different kinds of metal, poly ethylene, copper, stainless steel, cable … pipes with longitudinal motion in building & installation as well as oil, gas & petrochemical industries.


Adjustable Hanger Pipe Clamps (Sprinkler hangers) are produced in ½”-8″ sizes.

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Bastiran Company established in 1989, is the first manufacturer of over 400 types of clamps and pipe supports, made of iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloys and …., with polyethylene base and PVC, EPDM, neoprene covers, and are resistant and insulated against heat and electricity. Support sizes range from 6 to 3000 mm, thus being suitable for most heavy and light industries including refineries, petrochemical industries, water and gas pipeline installations and electrical and telecommunications cables.
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