Bastiran company was established as a private joint stock company in Tehran, in 1990. The founders of the company started their activity from 1979, in a workshop, where they designed and produced six types of clamps for metal pipes.

Later, after eleven years of experience in this field, in 1990, Bastiran company with the efforts of its founders, Mr. Martik Yaghoubian and Mr. Sarkis Mehdikhani, enhanced their field of work, aiming to produce industrial clamps, which at the time were not being manufactured in Iran and were imported from abroad.

From 1995, by manufacturing sliding supports for cold and hot lines and spring hangers, Bastiran company was able to enter refinery, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Bastiran company being the first manufacturer of different types of metallic and polymeric clamps and supports in Iran, after reaching an annual production of 2300 tons, it built its second factory in 2004. The company has managed to increase its production capacity to 10000 tons per year by producing more than 600 types of products.

Bastiran company has the capability to supply all kinds of clamp and support products required for light and heavy installation industries including building, refinery, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.